900 Years of Uninterrupted History

Clos de Tart is located in the village of Morey-Saint-Denis at the heart of Burgundy's prestigious terroirs of the Côte-d'Or. Thanks to its history and terroir, the estate occupies a unique position in the Côte de Nuits.

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Clos de Tart 900 Years of Uninterrupted History

With its 7.53 hectares, Clos de Tart is the largest of the five Grands Crus Monopoles in Burgundy.

The Grand Cru appellation applies to terroirs with an excellent reputation that can produce the very best wines. There are only 33 of these appellations in Burgundy and their production taken together represents only 1% of total regional production. 

The reference to 'Monopole' indicates that the climat is entirely in sole ownership. This is quite rare in Burgundy as the plots, even the very small ones, have frequently been divided up over time and for inheritance reasons.  

Custodian of a rich and fascinating history spanning nine centuries, Clos de Tart's vineyard has never been divided, which is a very rare occurrence in Burgundy.

A unique treasure, the Estate has only had four owners throughout its history:

- The Cistercian nuns of Tart Abbey from 1141 to 1791,

- The Marey-Monge Family from 1791 to 1932,

- The Mommessin Family from 1932 to 2018,

- The Pinault Family via their holding company, Artémis Domaines, since April 2018.